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Nuances of buying cars from America

Importing cars from the USA is becoming more and more common, given the low prices and large supply on the auto market. If you have a passion for American classic cars or you just want to buy a car in America and save money, then it is worth delving into all the nuances of the process.

Main reasons to buy US car

The most tempting reasons to buy a car in America and bring it to another country:

reduced prices for used cars;

reduced prices for new cars;

unique car models, which are not available in Europe.

It’s easy to be carried away by the “tasty” price or the tempting offer, but you should also take into consideration the additional expenses for taxes, registration and transportation.

Import process

The process of importing American cars is as follows:

  1. Searching for available offers.
  2. Reviewing and analyzing the condition of the vehicle.
  3. Delivery.
  4. Registration and approval in accordance with current legislation.
  5. Payment of taxes and customs duties.

Importing cars from the U.S. is a complicated operation due to various obstacles that can make the operation difficult. In order to avoid such situations, the best solution is to seek the help of specialists in this field. They have higher skills and qualifications in this field.

What’s about certificates

In the United States, it is stipulated that a vehicle that has been involved in an accident must necessarily be deregistered by the local Department of Transportation. Thus, a certificate is issued that makes it illegal for the vehicle to drive on American roads. This leads many owners to decide to sell it for parts or export. This practice is completely legal and domestic law in no way restricts the importation of damaged vehicles, which are purchased at very low prices, for their subsequent repair and return to the market.

If you became the owner of the car from America and for some reason you want to hide the past of the car, you can remove history of the car from the USA here. This service is performed legally and with full confidentiality.

Used cars from the USA have become popular in Ukraine due to their availability and huge choice. Buying a car from America allows Ukrainians to buy really high quality, reliable, well-equipped cars, and not for all money in the world.

Buying cars from the USA: main problems

Cars from the USA are very popular among Ukrainians. This is first of all due to their good quality, wide range of used cars and the most important thing is relatively low prices.

Practice shows that cars imported from overseas are 30-40% cheaper than similar models available at Ukrainian and European markets.

If it is a car from the auction, its price depends directly on the technical and external condition, and also the number of those wishing to participate in the auction. If the car has considerable mechanical damage, such an auction may start at even $1. If the car is in excellent condition, its price will in any case be no higher than the average market price.

A lot of worthy and various offers can be found on the most popular auction portals, such as:





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